Yes, I am two days late with my Thanksgiving post, but what have you, I have been drowning in schoolwork. Have I mentioned how cool my school is? Yes? Well, then let me reiterate.

Every year, thanks to a partnership between Sciences Po and the Reims-Arlington committee (an organization devoted to fostering bonds between Reims and Arlington Country, VA and the US in general) organize a decadent Thanksgiving dinner, complete with champagne, delicious food, and live music. This year was no exception, and as last year the night was fantastic.

I won’t elaborate on the food, which was delicious and gave a French touch to a traditional Thanksgiving menu.


As the night went on, people started to go dance and at the end of the evening, the funnest thing happened: the band started playing traditional Jewish music, to which we merrily danced, and we got to see our campus’ Jewish community act out traditional celebration dances, which was really great. You see this year Thanksgiving and Hanukkah were on the same day, giving birth to the otherwise little known term of Thanksgivukkah.

As we walked home from the dinner, after having stumbled upon the coolest Christmas-y Santa train for kids and the magical winter lights which accompany it, we started talking about what we were thankful for, as the tradition wants Рand as we should do more than once a year. Good health, family, friends, our education and opportunities, as well as gratitude that we live such easy lives, made the list, as they should. All too often we tend to forget how good we have it and how lucky we are. Thanksgiving night is not one night when shuch a thing happens.

But as much as I enjoy the French celebration of this American holiday, I cannot wait for next year and the chance to finally witness the real deal: a day filled with family (even if it’s not mine given the geographical distance), food, gratitude, and football. Because let’s face it, the football part is crucial as well. Until then, I will happily live on to the memories of my wonderful Turkey Days in France.