So recently, I started a new show called 2 Broke Girls.


You know how it works: finals week comes creeping around so instead of focusing on school you decide to procrastinate by starting a new TV show – which, of course, you will have to watch in its entirety. At first the show seemed somewhat dull, with Max (Kat Dennings) making jokes litterally every time she spoke. Overkill much? But I ended up falling in love! It’s really nice to, for once, see a show where characters talk about sex like normal people do instead of pretending it’s this big fat taboo (yes, American teen dramas, I’m talking to you. And yes, this is my first point. Don’t judge.) Also, seeing life on the otherside of the Brooklyn bridge is refreshing after having watched Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother for years. The plot? Two girls, one poor and one former billionaire whose dad lost all their money, work and live together, and try to save $250k to open their own cupcake business. A lot of random stuff happens but let’s be serious here, Kat Dennings isĀ amazing. Despite her character’s dark humor and constant jokes, she is quite relatable. And it doesn’t hurt to, for a change, see a strong woman on tv who really is self-sufficiant. Oh and did I mention Jennifer Coolidge is on the show, as a Polish cougar business woman? Yup, you read that right.